Have you added so much to your life over the years your response to “How are you?” is chronically “Busy but good (I think, maybe, I’m not sure, but you weren’t really asking anyway I gotta run)!

What you need is less.

Less stuff, less noise, less to-do, but subtracting is hard. We wrap our “stuff” in meaning and guilt and a nice dose of should so we carry our worries and our things around like pack mules.

CassMcCrory-headshotAnd I say our lives are made for more than that.

I’m Cass McCrory (That’s me to the right on a really nice day when someone else did my hair and makeup. Today I’m wearing yoga pants and working and look like this only if you squint.)

Together (You + Me + everyone else out there) we work on Subtraction Projects.

We subtract what isn’t working and when it makes sense we fill that hole with something really amazing to add. Over the last 8 years we’ve done over 50 projects with over 8,000 women (and 15 guys including my husband and grandpa) and we’ve got more work to do. Want to be a part of the next project? Sign up in the form below!