You Got The Job! (yup, we picked you!)


Dear <insert your name>,

I am so happy to be writing you today – after a lot of consideration, some very tough competition and a robust amount of procrastination from my entire team we’ve decided that the job is yours! We pick you! We hope you are just squealing in delight right now, we sure are!

As you may recall this is an immediate start position and it requires that you give it your all, 24 hours, 7 days a week. We know you are up for the challenge!  You will be generously compensated in line with your work effort + joy, and don’t forget that you set the course completely here – if something isn’t working, we want you to change it.  I’ve included the job description again below, if you find that this needs to be expanded upon or narrowed down please feel free to do so on your own.

Take the lead my friend, we can’t wait to see what you do!

Job Title: Living. 
Experience Requirements: Everything that happened before today, including 5 minutes ago.
(you really nailed this one)

Our Expectations:

  • Respect the time that you’re given. Use it to accomplish things, relax, enjoy, savor, marinate in and above all else appreciate. It’s the only piece of this role that we can’t help you with and we have no insight into how much you’re given. This is not a race, there isn’t a countdown clock to reference so it is both fleeting and infinitely in front of you.  For this reason, if you are doing something that you really dislike the best time to find a way to stop doing it would be now.
  • Do your best. Please be kind to yourself here and realize that your best is constantly shifting – just do what you can in each moment your abilities and patience will ebb and flow. Here at Life Headquarters we know this. Whatever you do, please dust off the times in the past in which you felt you could have done better – that’s living in a place we call hindsight and your best can not be evaluated from that vantage point. Forward, my friend, look in that direction and remember you can always do better.
  • Love. In this order please: Something bigger than You (God, the Universe, the World your pick!), people, experiences, all things living, food, and your stuff. In instances where you must love, find a way. In instances where you are not sure, pray, meditate, exhale. In instances where you need to love in moderation, do. In times when love is hard, try. If you don’t love the stuff, give it away…if you change your mind you can trust the stuff will always be there for you to get.
  • Be curious. Please channel your inner 3 year old whenever you find yourself bored or uninspired and look at the life you are living and ask this very important question: Why? When that doesn’t work ask: How? Please do not wait for the answer, but trust that by asking it you’ll run into it when it’s in your best interest. Which brings me to a big one…
  • Ask. (if you have to ask for what then you already have your first ask – repeat)
  • Live how you want to live. Starting now. Do you want to be the kind of person that takes walks? Start taking walks. Now.  Do you want to be the kind of person that reads interesting books? Start reading a book or asking for book suggestions or get a library card today, or tomorrow, or this month…whenever works for you. Do not delay.
  • Go for it. Win some, lose some. Does not matter one bit to us. Success in this role is not dependent on wins – it is dependent solely on going for it.
  • Learn to use a hammer. They are incredibly good tools for hanging pictures, smashing glass ceilings, taking down & creating walls. All good things at different times. If you only have one tool, pick the hammer. Hammers do not fix bikes though, in these instances consider the problem and remember you can always Ask for help.
  • Share what you know, what you’ve learned, how you discovered something, a smile, what you’ve been given and cake. If you discover anything else that can be shared please do so, generosity is the key to a happy heart and that feeling of abundance you’re seeking.

Please remember that you must start immediately. Do not wait until Monday or the first of the month or the new year (lunar, calendar or the start of the next season of Game of Thrones) – you start now. You’ve got this. No one could do a better job, we just know it!

February Subtraction Prompt: How to subtract the clutter in your brain – 3 ways to let it loose!

How are you this lovely February day?  With the book coming out, working out all the details to the Financial Spring Cleaning course and a little appearance in Texas it’s been a busy start to the month. Frankly, it’s been really really LOUD and CLUTTERED in my brain. Which is still a little mushy on newborn still.  Which all went in to inspiring this months Subtraction Project.

This month we’re talking Three Tactics to Subtract Brain Clutter

 Get it all out of your brain. When you have a lot spinning around the best way to subtract the clutter is to do a brain dump. Grab a piece of paper or open up a notepad app on your phone or computer and just get it all out.

A lot of times when I do this I realize that I don’t actually have that much on my mind – it’s just running through it on a loop that is very taxing. Go through the items, figure out where they actually belong: on your to-do list, in the garbage, talked through with a trusted friend, or set aside to marinate a bit more.

Once you have your dump in front of you I bet you’ll have a great big exhale. Which takes us to our next tactic.


Clarity comes after 108 inhales and exhales. With two kids (one of which is a newborn) a business, a passion project (you’re reading it), an amazing husband, a home, two dogs, two cats I don’t have a lot of time where I just breathe. And I’ve read that meditation can do wonders for clarity and joyful living so it’s 100% the time to try to establish a meditation habit.

I’m a lady that craves structure so when Danielle Laporte showcased this AMAZINGLY beautiful Mala necklace I knew it was going to be the secret to establishing a meditation practice.  There are 108 smooth sandalwood beads that is 108 inhales and exhales. The intention within my necklace is to Show the Love – in my work, in my writing, with my family & friends and to this amazing life I live.
My meditation practice is not perfect – it contains a lot of me remembering things that I meant to get from the grocery store yesterday but it has me learning SO much about stillness and picking it up when I can and just allowing myself to take the next inhale and exhale.  It also has me falling asleep…which is okay too!
3. Move. Too much brain clutter blocks us up. Have you ever gotten up to get something in another room only to get to that room and have NO idea what you wanted? Yup, we’ve all been there.  What if we used that to our advantage?  Next time your brain is in a fog of cluttered mess, move, walk around the house, the block, your office, put on a song to dance, anything that takes you from a state of holding your head in your hands in a state of overwhelm.
Tell me, what do you do to clear the garbage in your brain?
So much love,
Bonus subtraction: Do you have a Negative Nancy holding court in your head.  The next time you’re met with a series of “you can’t do this, you will never do that” I want you to say this:  I’ll figure it out…go on, watch me.

Subtraction Project – 50 Prompts to a Life That Adds Up *eBOOK*

SubtractionProjectBook-MockupFor a life that adds up you’re going to need to subtract the excess!

It’s so easy to add, add, add.  But what if the reason your life equation is not adding up is because you are in need of some subtraction?

Join Cass McCrory and thousands of others with the new book:

Subtraction Project – 50 Prompts to a Life that Adds Up!  eBook – $9.50

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What you’ll get with your ebook:

  • A process that takes away that feeling of “I don’t even know where to start!”
  • 112 pages of Subtractions
  • BONUS ITEMS: A 20 minute Subtraction Project Boot Camp, 100 Subtraction Challenge Worksheet and more!
  • It’s not just about Subtracting, it’s about what you do with the excess and how to avoid adding the same unwanted things again and again.
  • More than 50 Prompts that get you on the right track tackling everything from your hall coat closet to your email inbox.  If you’ve done the Subtraction Project before you can expect a fresh take on your favorites and TONS of new prompts.

Will there be a physical book? Yes, March 1st and that will cost $19.00*

Subtraction Project

50 Prompts to a Life that Adds Up!  eBook – $9.50

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Subtraction Project

50 Prompts to a Life that Adds Up!  eBook – $9.50

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*My preference is you buy the ebook. Why? One less book to subtract once you’re done reading it. I’ve made the best parts of Subtraction Project free printables for those that buy the ebook, plus printing books is expensive business and I like trees.

What people say about Subtraction Project

“I’ve spent so much time in the past only looking at “the big picture”. It’s nice to have the proper coaching to take things step by step so I don’t get overwhelmed by everything. Thank you!”
“Thanks so much for the emails and putting a fun spin on things!  Love it!”
“You know me so well… I needed this.”
“I like the small steps she uses. Instead of trying to do everything at once. Now I can do things one at a time and do not feel so overwhelmed. thank you for your wisdom and common sense”
“My work for the year is Subtract. I NEED this!”