Subtraction Project helps more than 3,500 subtract the excess


Earlier this week we surpassed the 3,500 subscribed to Subtraction Project.  What started out as 32 people (most of whom I have shared a last name with) has turned into this movement of people that really want their lives to add up and the thing that needs to happen to make that a reality? Subtraction.

It makes me straight up giddy. If you’re new here I wanted to let you know about some exciting things you can get access to right now.

Subtraction Project On Demand – 30 days of subtracting whenever you want to start.  You can sign up for that RIGHT HERE.

Subtraction Project Boot Camp Podcast – do you want to get started but you’re just not sure where or why or how.  This is the place to get to the bottom of those questions.  LISTEN HERE.

Coming up:

The Book: Subtraction Project – 50 Prompts to a life that adds up will be coming out in just a few days. It’s full of fresh prompts – even the spaces we’ve tackled in the 30 day challenges have freshened up prompts with even more ideas on what to do with the excess.  Along with it some great bonus items like the 100 things challenge worksheet. A list of 100 things you likely have in your home that can be up for subtraction.

The Financial Spring Cleaning Course is being finalized – if you want to be an insider and get all the details before they’re available online send me an email here.

It all comes done to a feeling: CHARGED


Today marks a week that we’ve been home as a family, the time seems to be just flying by, I already want to press the pause button. His long tiny fingers have already been filled out with dimply meaty little hands and he seems to melt into my body when he’s sleeping, my little mush.  Since Monday I had “Write blog post about CHARGED” on my to-do list. For those keeping track, it’s now Thursday.  On Tuesday I was getting antsy about it. I considered staying awake while the baby slept at 7:30pm to write the blog post but my loving husband very kindly reminded me that sleep was more important.  He was right (he tends to be, like, all the time). It’s ironic that I was willing to drain my battery completely to write about how my goal this year is to feel CHARGED.

What does it mean to me to feel Charged?

It means that I’m doing the things that help me recharge and regularly.

Just like you charge your phone as you’re sleeping these habits will help me to feel charged:

  • Sleeping. Prioritizing it so that when opportunities arise, I take them.
  • Exercising. I am actually itching to get the all clear to start to work-out. Much of this pregnancy I had really low blood pressure which made doing anything too strenuous straight up dangerous.
  • Eating less of the processed and enjoying the stuff that I love completely and without guilt.
  • Spending time with my family. These people are good for me. Especially this guy I married, he blows me away with his goodness and the best way to make any day better is having some time with him.
  • Investing in projects that make me excited for the work that I do. I’m already back to work….I own this business, I love it and there are employees counting on me to do what I do so they can support their families. But I would be a giant liar if I didn’t admit that I’ve been a little bitter about the fact that as a business owner there is no “maternity leave”.  The good news is that it’s brought me an INSANE amount of clarity: the stuff I want to do, I’m doing and feel great about.  The stuff I don’t want to do = bitter. This year, I need to cut out that stuff I don’t want to do.

It means I’m shutting down the things that drain my battery.

Those things include: worry, guilt, the work that drains me, and some people.

It means I’m going green and looking for some solar inspiration.

When you look up, when your gaze is fixed forward, when you turn towards the sun something good just starts to pulse through your body. Sometimes I can be so goal oriented, so tied to the to-do list that I struggle to look up from the task at hand, I fail to take stock and appreciate the moment, I don’t look up enough and I certainly don’t bask in the sun.  This year, that changes.  It’s important.

So no big fancy resolution.  A lot of goals and one big feeling: CHARGED.


Our first Subtraction Project comes tomorrow, ready?

After five rounds of doing this, I have a few things you can do to be ready for the next 30 days of subtraction.


  1. Figure out where all of your donation items are going to go.  I have a plastic tub in my basement that is waiting for what gets subtracted.
  2. Organize a swap party with your friends – I’m going to do one on February 1st.
  3. Each day give it a try. If you’ve done the project before you may think “Oh, I did this last time I won’t have anything to do for this one today.” I’ve thought that too. I’ve been wrong. Somehow, we amass things.
  4. Be discriminating of your stuff. Asking yourself the question of: Would I pack this item up and pay someone to move it?
  5. Share this with your friends and family. It’s more fun to do it with your people.