It’s the last day of June.

I’m just going to let that sit with you for a second because if you’re anything like me your jaw just did a little slack to floor action and you are staring at the computer thinking: WHERE’D IT GO and also….how was every day so darn long while the whole thing flew on by?

But not July my friends.  July I’m going to greet with intention and love and fun and goodness and I’m going to honor it every single day.  So I created a little tracker and I thought you might like it too.  I printed one for Lexi too.  Tomorrow morning we’ll set our intention for fun and goodness in our own words and then for the rest of the month we’ll keep track on our fridge with a little doodle or a few words of gratitude or a sticker.

So much of life is about showing up at the beginning of each day and saying HERE!


Want to say HERE with us?  You can download it for free!

A friend of mine recently came home. I’m writing this to and for anyone that has ever had that deep pull of “I just need to go home.” and for anyone that hopes to one day know how good that feels to have a place to ache after.  When I gave my Dad directions to
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I’ve been asking myself this question a lot in the last few days: What do you want more? It’s coming up all of the time because every single thing is a trade-off of one kind or another. Do I want to take on a potentially big client opportunity with a financial gain that would help or
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