We're going to Subtraction Project

our way into 2022.

If you were anticipating a glowy, high-vibe, clean, fresh-start feeling to just magically appear as the clock struck January 1, 2022 you may be feeling the letdown. I get it. I'd love the fairy-godmother energy to strike my house. Alas. It's up to us to generate that.

This is why I'm bringing back Subtraction Project for 21 days of actionable prompts to subtract the excess.

After the last two years, we've accumulated a bit of STUFF to help get us through.

About this project:

  • Daily emails from January 10th - January 31st
  • Each day includes an actionable prompt to Subtract the excess.
  • Take action and click reply for a bit of accountability and a virtual high-five.

What we want now? Less.

Sign up to join this FREE project starting Monday, January 10th

(You can join anytime in the month of January and start wherever we are. You don't need to catch-up. This isn't a race. I'll send you a recap on February 1st and you can pick up any that you missed.)

Cass McCrory has been leading Subtraction Projects for the past 13 years for over 14,000 people. Subtraction Project has been featured in OPRAH Magazine, The Lively Show and more. 

Why is it so hard to let go of things that aren’t serving our life? We attach so many feelings to what we have and we put so much meaning on the stuff we surround ourselves with.  

Subtraction Project helps you subtract the Stuff you've known you "should" let go of but just haven't by giving you different strategies and actionable prompts each day.