Inspiration and the Whole30 recap

Earlier today the lovely ladies over at ButtonedUp posted this picture to Facebook.  I’ve found the source as Megan Matsuoka you can check out her work here and her shop here.

The sign spoke to me because so much of the last 30 days on Whole30 has been about subtracting things.  Lots of things.  Things I loved, things I didn’t know I could give up, there was lots of subtraction. And the overall health of my body feels just plain better. I stepped on the scale this morning and that confirmed one very true thing for me: I hate the scale.  Subtracting the scale for the last 30 days was a good subtraction so I’m taking it away again.  It serves me in no positive way consistently.  The scale is fickle.

I’m traditionally an “add-er” if things aren’t feeling quite right I like to add things to it – responsibilities, clothing from target that I wear once, a cat, cake.  But this is so simple that I can’t believe I’ve overlooked it.  Perhaps the reason why things aren’t adding up is because there is just too much – too much noise, stuff, action, stuff, choices.

The last 30 days I spent a whole lot of effort subtracting unhealthy eating habits.  I’m starting a new challenge with the next 30 days I’m going to spend some time subtracting the other stuff in life.  Would you like to join me?  I’m going to send out a daily email.  It will be short.  It will be a prompt to subtract something.  You can reply and let me know you did it because everyone likes credit (right?). And if you didn’t – that’s okay – everyones equation is a little different.




is this so what you need and you’re ready to pull the trigger. click this pink button

About the artist: I loved what her Etsy description says and I wanted to highlight that here – I love the boldness and depth of her journey and how it leveraged something that was a result of a WANT.  I love that so so much.

As a result of wanting to boost my creativity, I embarked on a journey of creating 100 Posters in 100 Days. Using inspirational quotes as my basis and applying typographic treatments to highlight the message – this magnet is a reflection of one of the results in my series. See the full set at

Photo credit: Megan Matsuoka etsy

Megan you inspired the heck out of me.  I am deeply grateful and I showed you some etsy love. 🙂

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