Oh it feels SO good!

So yesterday I did something BOLD – something that I would have normally hemmed and hawed over until I had convinced myself that there was someone else better suited to take action out there in the internets. But yesterday, I was all Nike advertisement about it and I just did it.  It’s not too late you can still join us for Day 1 or jump in with us on Day 2 by filling out this form. 

And can I tell you how great it felt to be so perfectly supported by my online family?  It was sweet sweet goodness. One of the amazing people that I get to work with every day made this comment:

I will support you how I can.

And can I tell you the tears that came into my eyes? I think this is one of the most beautiful ways of communicating this message I have ever heard. I love the I’ve got your back element to the statement and this part: “how I can“.

So much of the time we extend ourselves to our own detriment – we over-give to those around us – leaving ourselves with less, empty and in some ways a little bitter that we are such givers.  What if we all gave one another support exactly as we could?  Wouldn’t that be something rich and wonderfully rewarding for all?  Because the only thing worse than feeling drained is feeling as though you have drained those around you.

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