Listening to your “self”

Seven years ago I tried out to be a contributor to a blog – it was led by a few really awesome women and it introduced me to even more incredible women.  One of them was Jess Lively (at the time Jess LC) she made jewelry and talked about the intentionality of the life she was creating and I was pretty hooked. Over the course of 7 years, I bought a necklace, I consumed her blog and then she started a podcast and I listened to that and then she offered a master mind group and I was an immediate yes.

Today I had an aha moment that in all the time I was listening to Jess what she was giving me was the permission, the excuse, the reason and the tools to listen to my self.  It’s a pretty incredible thing she’s done in my life and I’m beyond grateful.

I’m a googler. Do you often have people asking you something and you think: LMGTFY (let me google that for you)?  Someone asks me a question or I will pose a question to myself and I will seek the answer. I will research, I will go to the library, I will read blogs and ask questions and inquire and be curious until the cows come home (why do the cows come home, anyway?) and I’ll mull, I can mull on other peoples ideas like NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET. But in the googling, in the reading of other peoples experiences, in the research I was learning a ton but I wasn’t asking my self. I wasn’t checking in with the being within my body – my gut – my intuition – my feeling – my jujumama about what I felt about what I thought until Jess.

So we’re in our master mind group and we’re all chatting and I’m kind of “meh” because I have this feeling of “you have everything you ever dreamt of why aren’t you on the marathon high right now?” and Jess very nicely suggests that I write to my intuition and I’ll be honest. I did one of those “yeaha okay, right on it, I’ll put that on my to do list for the next six weeks moving it day after day not doing it until I give myself permission to not to do it at all” nods.  Nods are powerful.

The next day Michael Hyatt posts about his new book Living Forward and I’m intrigued. So I put it in my amazon cart and it magically arrives the next day. In the Living Forward book a bunch of questions are asked so I pour myself a really nice glass of cold white wine and I decide that I’m going to channel my inner Jess Lively and intuition my way through these questions and I can’t even explain to you what happened. It was like out-of-body experience juju magic. I was answering questions – getting to the root of what mattered – gaining clarity and not feeling terrified by the answers. I was not googling. I was talking to my self. I was actually listening in writing to what I innately KNEW and I didn’t even KNOW it.

In the last 50 days since that experience I’ve learned a bunch of other things:

  1. I can get off track remarkably fast. I can go from feeling in line and in the groove to out in one instant.
  2. That one instant is likely triggered by a few things that I’ve identified.
  3. I can’t just THINK to my intuition….I used to believe that my car time was time when I could think and get in tune and that is just not the case. I need to actually WRITE with paper and pen to talk to my self.
  4. I know me better than Google knows me….at least now that they haven’t fully leveraged all of the #bigdata I create across the internet.
  5. On the journey of life you can’t always be “in development” sometimes you just have to live it. I like projects (shocker) and I love experiments and learning new ideas and I can get distracted by a new way of thinking, a new course, a new self-help book, a new diet and while I’m busy learning something new I’m not really doing. In my business I develop marketing strategy and it’s a perfect fit because I LOVE developing strategy….but then you have to actually walk the walk of the strategy and that’s not my favorite up until now. My intuition, my self is asking me to walk.

Curious about this process and how you could start to tap into your intuition? Jess has a great exercise that a lot of people find incredibly helpful here. 

My suggestion: The next time you find yourself seeking a solution from Google ask yourself first on paper.  So if you’re typing into google “Why am I not losing weight” ask yourself first and take a couple of inhales and exhales and see how your self answers.  I’m so curious if your experience with this is as life shifting as mine. Tell me. I want to know. Is this a job for google or your intuition?

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  1. Jess Lively
    Jess Lively says:

    Yay!! I’m SO SO SO SO happy for you! I have loved seeing that energy shift so palpably in you once you tapped into your jujumama and I cannot wait to hear where she takes you next! : )


    • Cass McCrory
      Cass McCrory says:

      Thanks Jess – I really am so incredibly grateful for the work you put into this world!

  2. Linda schiffer
    Linda schiffer says:

    The cows come home to be milked. ?. The phrase is left over from tthe days when people turned their cows out to pasture on common grounds during the day and the cows found their way home to be milked in the evening. Kinda means the last thing to happen before bedtime, eh? ?


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