Fulfillment is not in your inbox

Are we connected on LinkedIn? If not – go ahead and connect with me there too. 

I’m going to be writing more over there too and this particular article hits on something that you’re likely feel some pain on this morning too: The inbox.

After a couple of weeks of slower work days (or completely free of work days) we’re digging back into our inboxes and it’s ugly in there.  Especially when you have people like Bob playing email tennis.

Email tennis:  Bob gets an email and immediately responds to one of the six items asked about in the email AND Bob adds people to the email thread, Bob gets an email back asking about the other items and Bob responds to one of them, Bob gets another email and responds that he thinks a meeting would be an even better way to handle this, Bob and the 8 person distribution now go back and forth at least five times about who should be in the meeting and when we can get everyone together. It goes on from there and it keeps everyone very busy for at least 65 hours a week.

Check out the full article right here!

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