Is this you?

  • It feels like things are just not working in my life. I guess I’ll head to Target!
  • If I can just got a hold of all this stuff everything would be okay. But I just can’t get on top of all the stuff. I need a do-over.

What Subtraction Project does is provide clear and easy to do tasks to subtract the extra in your home, your inbox, your brain and your life so that things add up.

No trips to the big box store required.
Just a lot of accomplished exhaling going on after a task is checked off the list.
And virtual high-fives because I really like high-fives.

Plus, it’s free.  Yup. No subtracting from your wallet!

My promise to you:

  • Prompts will be short and sweet taking between 5-15 minutes to complete.
  • The impact will be lasting and you will be less annoyed. Example: I think everyone has that one utensil that you always avoid in your kitchen….maybe it’s the fork that is just a little bent or the spatula that’s just weird at the ends.
  • You’ll laugh.  You will feel less alone in your struggle with the mountain of stuff.
  • Lightness: you’ll feel it.

It’s so easy to add, add, add.  But what if the reason your life equation is not adding up is because you are in need of some subtraction?  

Here’s the fix.

How do I know that this subtracting stuff works?  Here’s the story:

About eight years ago my life was not working. CassMcCrory-headshotSo much of it was really not “adding up” and I did what any reasonable woman does: I went to Target.  And I added more.  I added stuff, complications, weight, a whole lot of negative self talk, an unhealthy dose of doubt and debt. I’d love to say that one day I woke up as Oprah does every day all full of A-Ha! Moments and promptly got all my shit together.  That didn’t happen. It was a slow and steady process of saying to myself in the quiet moments: Okay Cass, instead of adding, let’s subtract.  And you know what I found? Something that felt a whole lot like balance. For a while I just kept on doing this equation quietly in my own life, but then I decided I would share my “stuff” subtractions with the world and that’s what we’re doing here.

Less is More.