CassMcCrory-headshotI know what you were looking for. Well, actually, I don’t know exactly what you were looking for when you found me but I sure do know what you’re seeking and I have to tell you, I’m seeking it too.

<pssst. it’s the: good, joy, desire fulfilling, life amazes me moments>

I am a curious person on the path of living that all coveted full life. And I have to tell you the days that I allow myself to want it all: it feels like an adventure novel and I’m writing it live on the spot. It’s like the rush of sky diving but a lesser risk of death – in fact the only risk is you’ll live even MORE.

What does wanting “it all” look like – well, it’s different for everyone (imagine that!) and it has shockingly little to do with anything you can buy at Target (then why do we go to Target all the time I wonder).  To me it’s about cutting out the excess so that what you’re left with works for your life.

I want to inspire people to cut out the excess so we’re living this one life we have to the fullest.

Lets go ahead and do some of that together. It’s dangerous to go alone.